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This blog has been created to keep our customers, partners and friends up to date with pertinent information relating to our industry, technical or otherwise. It will also keep everyone up to date with M.C. Dean's ever expanding capabilities. Thanks to all my followers and I hope you find this blog both helpfull and informative. Best Regards: Lucky Drake

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Last Blog From This Site

To all my loyal followers. I want to thank everyone for all their feedback, support, and great comments. I am moving this site due to corporate restrictions and I don’t want to compromise the company’s brand. I invite all of you to continue following me at my new personal blog site http://glenluckydrake.blogspot.com/ so we can continue our great conversations about business, customer service, and leadership. I plan to leave this site posted for as long as possible to allow all my followers to find my new site. Hope to see you there and thanks again for all your support.

Best Wishes,

Lucky Drake

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