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This blog has been created to keep our customers, partners and friends up to date with pertinent information relating to our industry, technical or otherwise. It will also keep everyone up to date with M.C. Dean's ever expanding capabilities. Thanks to all my followers and I hope you find this blog both helpfull and informative. Best Regards: Lucky Drake

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Marketing & Sales Series

I didn't think that this would turn into a series. I have had quite few emails from people wanting more on my insights to marketing and sales. So in the spirit of customer service I have put together two more posts, Market Differentiators and Buying Triggers. Consider this Lucky's marketing series. (((Chuckle)))  In the future I will try and pepper in some words of wisdom relating to marketing and sales along with my other post, but this series is directed at customer demand. My buddy John has a great blog as well for sales and marketing, and it is a much more polished site. http://salesandmanagement.com/blog/

Thanks to all and i hope you find this information valuable.

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